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High CBD Hemp Oil (HCHO) - Real, Natural, Cannabidiol

The CBD Source works directly with High Cannabidiol Hemp Growers and Processors Worldwide.

HCHO is a natural plant source of cannabidiol (CBD). Only the finest outdoor organic hemp is used in the extraction process. Produced from Non-GMO hemp grown on family farms free of harmful herbicides and pesticides, HCHO offers you the natural solution to your Cannabinoid Extract needs.

   CBD Molicule

Ball-and-stick model of the cannabidiol molecule. X-ray diffraction data from P. G. Jones, L. Falvello, O. Kennard, G. M. Sheldrick and R. Mechoulam (1977). "Cannabidiol". Acta Crystallographica Section B 33: 3211-3214.

The raw materials used are quality tested to make sure that they meet the highest standards. Testing is performed during the extraction process using with state of the art technology. Analytical techniques are used to carefully study and track samples and every batch of our finest HCHO offerings.

An independent lab tests each batch using high-tech liquid gas chromatography for verification of purity and concentration of CBD (cannabidiol). Additional tests for yeast, molds, E. coli, coliforms, and total aerobic count are also performed for each batch.

Oil strength, pricing, and availability changes frequently. Please be sure to bookmark this page.

Available for shipping with the US ONLY. 

100% Legal All Natural Hemp Derived CBD Rich Oil - Engineered by Nature

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HCHO 50 grams 18% CBD / 9,000 mg CBD
HCHO 50 grams 18% CBD / 9,000 mg CBD
Price: $1,625.00 
  HCHO 100 grams 18% CBD / 18,000 mg CBD
HCHO 100 grams 18% CBD / 18,000 mg CBD
Price: $3,050.00 
  HCHO 10 grams 18% CBD / 1,800 mg CBD
HCHO 10 grams 18% CBD / 1,800 mg CBD
Price: $330.00 
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HCHO 10 grams 18% CBD / 1,800 mg CBD
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