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The Finest Organic High CBD Hemp Oil From Around The World

The CBD Source - Your Independent Trusted Source for CBD Products Since 2011

As a privately held independent company with a history of Hemp Industry Advocacy, and almost 10 years in the Nutritional Supplement Industry, our focus has always been on bringing the finest all Natural, Holistic, Health and Vitality products to our clients around the world. So it was "natural" that we were among the first CBD product advocates and providers in the USA.

Performance You Can Count On!

While CBD may be new to some, bringing the highest quality health and nutrition product is not new to us. We founded The CBD Source years ago to bring a spotlight to the world's best hemp derived CBD products and make them available to you at a Consumer Direct Price.

We are dedicated to offering the finest and purest quality hemp Cannabidiol oil and CBD rich products, never compromising on quality, and offering it to our clients at deeply discounted prices.

The Secret to our Low Prices...

We do not have shareholders to please, or a marketing and commissioned telephone sales team to pay. You will not find us at sales conventions in expensive booths or otherwise spending piles of money on advertising or fancy websites. We are used to dealing with wholesale customer, so operating with low margins is what we do best.

We keep our cost down so we can pass the savings on to you.

Our independent allows us to always find and bring to your attention the best the industry has to offer at any given point in time!

Nature In - Nature Out

All our our offerings are produced from select strains of High CBD Hemp Plants carefully grown and attended to among the world's most pristine and cared for hemp fields.

These crops are organically grown at specific latitudes in idealistic locations in Scandinavia and other European regions most suitable for the strain being grown.

These crops are grown from seed to harvest with one thing in mind, bringing you the highest quality hemp derived CBD oil. The pure raw materials used and the extracts produced are quality tested to ensure they are of the highest standard at every step in the process.

Finally, all these high CBD hemp oils are produced using a unique manufacturing processes that can reliably reproduce the natural, balanced phytochemical profile of the original dry hemp material. The end results are the finest CBD oils available on the market today. Nature in... nature out.

Buy Direct from The CBD Source and Save!

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